Run Transaction

Do not ever worry about the customers forming a long line with the PureJOIN POS system. Our POS system is developed to keep transaction times down to a minimum. Process of scanning items and transaction can be completed rapidl

Item Lookup

Does not matter how large is your inventory list is, or the items without the bar code, the PureJOIN POS system can  make it very easy to keep it organized. Also, the items can be easily searched at the iPad, inventory tablet, and our website

Settle Screen

Customers does not only pays with the cash, but instead with the debit/credit cards, or even fast reliable EMV. With the PureJOIN POS system, the register can take all of the above much faster and easier than any of the other method of cash register.


Sometimes, customers might forget to bring there wallet from their car after you ring up all the items. Well, with the PureJOIN POS system, you can hold that transaction and move on to the next customers, and go back to the previous transaction that you have set held.   You can also set the name for the transaction so you won’t be confused when there are multiple holds.

Reward System

The returning customers are really important for any types of business, but for the small businesses, it’s hard to keep up with the returning customers. With the PureJOIN POS system, you can keep up with the customers by providing a reward credits that can only be used at the store. Signing up can be done by customers entering their phone number. For more details, please CLICK HERE.

Managing Customers

From our PurJOIN website, you can manage the customers who have signed in to your store. You can check how much they have spent in certain period, you can set their name, and you can also check their purchase pattern. With this data, you can provide better services to the customers.

Customer Lookup/Search

PureJOIN POS system gives you a ability to lookup for the customers by entering their phone number or by name. So even the monitor from the customer’s side isn’t working, you can still provide the reward credits with no problems.

Portable Inventory Device

With our inventory kit, you can scan items with our portable devices (printer, tablet, and scanner), and print out the labels right away. You can set price, scan, and create barcode in a flash.

Time Clock

No more punching time cards are needed. Each staff member will be able to quickly and easily track their working hours and break times through the POS system. Each employees can set their ID and password and sign in when they start working and sign out when they are done for the day.


Regarding all the situation, there must be a situation where you have to check what happened that day. From our POS system, you can check on events from open to close, when the events occurs and all the past transactions. You can also provide refund from it.


Providing accurate information about end of each day is really crucial to run a successful business. With the PureJOIN POS system, you can get the accurate information about today’s events through our website and get the perfect report of the end of the day. Also you can measure up and compare this month’s sales total to the past months.


When you are running a promotion, you need to set certain items on sale. With PureJOIN POS system, you can set each items with a certain sale’s point. Also, from our website, you can set group, keyword, or company of products on sale and set a sales period and the price will be back to normal price after the promotion period ends. For details,  CLICK HERE

Purchase Orders

PureJOIN Beauty POS Inventory System

Within our POS system, you can order, organize, and review inventory by our inventory system. Ordering correct amount of inventory can be a full time job on its own. You can create Purchase Order directly from our inventory system and you can send it through e-mail to the vendor. Also, you can do it anywhere if you have internet and a computer.

Connected Card Machine

Forget about the time when you needed to run card machine and register separately, with PureJOIN POS system, the card machine and a register will be connected to each other (wireless). Now what you put on your register will be on the card machine and transaction will be much faster.

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