Microsoft RMS Reward / Loyalty Program

//Microsoft RMS Reward / Loyalty Program

Microsoft RMS Reward / Loyalty Program


Microsoft RMS built in Reward / Loyalty. Great retention program for Microsoft RMS and retail business.


Microsoft RMS is a great POS software in the market and hundreds of thousands of retailers are using it everyday.

PureJOIN Reward for Microsoft RMS is designed for any retail / wholesale business. It’s very simple feature which you can use without getting any extra purchase / labor.

  1. Install PureJOIN Reward Program and set reward percentage (eg. 3%)
  2. Install it on all registers you have
  3. Make sure to select customer account on every transaction.
  4. After transaction, reward credit ($3.00 credit for $100 purchase, based on 3% reward percentage above) will be saved in their account.

The license is $699 per register

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