Manage Your Items More Efficiently

8″ Touch Screen Tablet will get you comfortable and faster item management ability with matching barcode scanner. Inventory tablet with WIFI connection reduces your labor cost and increase job performance.

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With bluetooth enabled portable label printer, now you can print labels from anywhere on you go. You don’t have to travel back to office to pick up printed label any more.

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Make purchase orders with PureJOIN tablet! Simply scan item’s barcode and enter ordering quantity. Order will be delivered as an excel file to your vendor.

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Beauty Items

Price Labeling VS. Shelf Labeling

  • Assumption 1 – 200 transactions per day
  • Assumption 2 – each transaction has average of 3 items.
  • Assumption 3 – 25 business day per month

Item Price Labeling

Your item sold quantity per month = 15,000

Your item sold quantity per year = 180,000

You are doing price labeling 180,000 + times every year.

Shelf Price Labeling

You only need to replace label when price changed.

How many items change price per month? – 500

Yearly label printing quantity – 6,000

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  • Price Labeling Quantity Per Minute – 15
  • Shelf Labeling Quantity Per Minute – 5

180,000 / 15 = 12,000 minutes = 200 hours

6000 / 5 = 1,200 = 20 hours

Price Labeling Cost = 10 Times Higher Than Shelf Labeling

Portable Label Printer

Print labels from anywhere with PureJOIN Inventory Utility

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