1. Touch the Settings from the iPad
  2. In the Settings, touch Bluetooth
  3. Once you’re on the Bluetooth, press the green button on the top right
  4. Press and hold the Miura’s blinking blue button until it blinks faster
  5. Once it blinks faster, the machine will show up on the “OTHER DEVICES”, go ahead press it.
  6. After that, certain number will show up on both iPad and Miura.
  7. Press pair on the iPad and press the button with the green check mark on the Miura
  8. Open up the PureJOIN POS app.
  9. Press Menu on the top left
  10. Press Settings.
  11. Type in the Terminal ID and Key we provided on the bottom section above the Printer section.
  12. Press Online on EDC section
  13. Press CEM – Miura M010 on Secure Device section.

For further explanation please click on the link >> Miura M010 Setup

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