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Get Engaged With Your Customers

Interactive Reward Display can accept new member and check in existing member to track valuable sales history. Simply entering phone number can initiate rewarding program.

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Handing out a plastic membership card can cost you about $1 per each and customers are not being patient with the free membership card. If you have 500 new customers every month, it will cost you $6,000 to $10,000 per year just for the card.

Only $59.99 per month

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Personalized digital greeting can bring up your customer’s satisfaction to the next level. By checking into IRD, customer’s name and store defined greeting message will be out to customer.

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Data driven marketing campaign never goes wrong. Simply you can find out who visits more often, who spend more money and what customers buying with reward credit. Data collection / member sign up is driven by your customer not your employee. It’s time to make your visitor to your loyal customer.

Simple  – Easy  – Affordable

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Start Your Marketing Campaign To Compete With Others.

Customer Driven

You don’t have to ask your customer to sign up for membership or reward program.

From the POS customer display, they can simply enter their phone number to initiate membership.

Time Saving

While your cashier is ringing up customer’s items, customer can easily check in from the IRD display and check their reward balance.

Reward credit is printed on the receipt as reminder.

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