Are you ready to increase sales by PUREJOIN Kiosk?

It’s high time to think about acquiring your own Kiosk with an integrated loyalty scheme.

Advantages of obtaining a Kiosk:

  1. Boost customer retention
  2. Increase visit frequency
  3. Generate more referrals
  4. Stand out from competitors

We are thrilled to elevate the customer’s experience to more fun and savings! The customer will have the opportunity to participate in store’s exciting games and win incredible discounts for their future purchases.

Our kiosk includes a All-In-One Touchscreen computer with Built-in camera, coupon printer, and scanner. Customers can check prices, and participate in slot machine for future discounts. Based on the minimum purchase of your choice, customers will scan their receipt and play to win.

The kiosk features a time clock system, providing an efficient solution for accurate time tracking of your employees. Additionally, it has a built-in camera that takes a photo at each clock in, serving as an added security feature to prevent fraud and ensuring the right employee is clocking in at the right time.

5 key features are designed to enhance your store operations and customer engagement.

1. Price Check

Allow for scanning of any product to reveal its price. This minimizes the time spent by staff on price inquiries, improving store efficiency.

2. Slot Machine

Customers will have a chance to win exciting discounts for future purchases. This promotes customer engagement and increases customer retention.

3. Time Clock

Offering an efficient solution for accurate time tracking of your employees. When employee punch in & punch out, built-in camera capture picture to avoid fraud

4. Store Announcements

The system can broadcast periodic store announcements for your store. These can be default messages of our own or custom made to suit specific events or promotions. It’s an effective tool for communicating important information or special offers to your customers.

5. Custom Poster Design

Our kiosk allows for the display of custom posters on its background. You can choose to showcase multiple posters of your store, setting a timer to determine how long each poster stays visible. This feature provides a personalized touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your store.