I have been thinking about POS many years and finally joined Purejoin.  I am very pleased with such simple system and support team who are very personal and understanding of my lack of knowledge on computer.  Best of all, great response from the customers about reward system is very rewarding.


Young B., Beauty & Things

“A Perfect System to Enhance Customer Service”

First of all, we would like to mention that Pure Join’s reward system is extremely convenient, easy to use, and efficient. We were already running a reward program at our store, but it had several disadvantages. First, we had to issue reward cards to our customers and this incurred extra expense of having to purchase blank cards on a regular basis. Second, there was a problem with our customers misplacing their cards, which always delayed the checkout process. Third, our reward system were not able to display reward points to our customers, so this lack of transparency caused misunderstanding and discredited our program.

Everything was solved when we made the switch to Pure Join’s reward system. Pure Join’s reward system allows customers to check in with their phone number, which means we don’t have to purchase blank cards anymore. This was a great cost-saving advantage. Mostly importantly, it allows customers to view their reward points from the checkout screen as well as on their receipts. The greater transparency eliminated virtually all complaints associated with reward points and made a way for us to form a trust relationship with our customers. Furthermore, It reduced checkout time greatly since customers did not have to present their reward cards.

Manhattan Beauty expanded to a much bigger location last year, and this naturally increased the inflow of new customers. Pure Join’s POS and reward system was extremely helpful in retaining customers by making checkout process fast, reliable, and efficient.

We’ve contacted many POS system providers before, but most POS systems in the market are not tailored to the needs of beauty supplies. Moreover, they are extremely expensive and too complex to use. The fact that Pure Join is app-based and customized specifically for this industry made it especially appealing to us. Also, Pure Join provides great customer service. It tries to accommodate to most of our modification needs by upgrading the system periodically.

Pure Join’s CEO was extremely helpful throughout the system installation and even after the installation. He continued to provide advices and tweaked the system to better meet our needs. We believe that his superior customer service has created this exceptional system. We highly recommend Pure Join as a POS system provider.

Thank you,

Manhattan Beauty

Grace, Manhattan Beauty

Hi Jeff –  PureJoin POS system has been of great benefit to our business – This Is It Hair World. When were getting ready to open our business in October 2018, we knew that we needed a fully integrated POS and inventory management system which is simple to use and affordable. I went on the internet and the moment I found and read about PureJoin POS for Beauty Supply store, I know that we had the perfect system for our business. I called the company and spoke to the sales manager who provided me with all the information I need to make a decision and answered all of my questions.

We are very happy with our selection of PureJoin POS as our system. It has a database of thousands of beauty supply products from all the major distributors which is kept current with new product introductions. Our access to this database is very convenient because it allows us to automatically scan the products that we sell into PureJoin POS inventory system, manage our prices and quantities with very little effort and as result saving us a lot of time and effort. Also because the system is cloud-based, we are able to access the PurePoin POS back office system on our computer system wherever we have a internet connection. This allows us keep track of our inventory and product reordering, sales and profits and sales tax receipts from anywhere even when we are travelling out of town.

As a small business owner, our investment in PureJoin POS has so far been one of the best decisions and we continue to benefit greatly from its features and capabilities.

Charles and Sandra Annan

This Is It Hair World

Elgin IL

Charles and Sandra Annan, THIS IS IT HAIR WORLD


PureJOIN iPad POS System

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel


PureJOIN Beauty POS is Cloud based solution. Cloud will set you free from maintenance, backup, security and more compliance.


Experience PureJOIN Data Service which has over 780,000 beauty items and our database grows everyday from over 230 vendors.


Integrated service is the beauty of PureJOIN platform. POS, Marketing, Inventory and more sophisticated modules are integrated and works together.


Updates, maintenance and technical supports are on us. We provide you stable and powerful business tools to you so you can focus on your business.

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