Attention to PUREJOIN TSYS Member,

TSYS are implementing changes to their dispute notification and financial adjustment policies. From now on, when a chargeback is received, an ACH adjustment will be processed to merchants’ bank account on file only for the Transaction Amount. The Applicable Fee (as indicated in Merchant Processing Agreement) for the chargeback will be added to their monthly statement rather than being charged at the time of the request. This change also applies to fees related to Retrieval Requests. 

TSYS is also extending the window to respond to any Retrievals and/or Chargebacks received . When you receive a letter on day 1, the debit will not occur until up to 15 days after the letter is generated. Additionally, there will be no delay in any credit chargebacks adjustments; merchants will see the credit adjustment via an ACH transaction at or near the same time they receive a chargeback notice.

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