1.To Sign-in:

Step 1: Download PUREJOIN INVENTORY from App Store.

Step 2: Sign in with your 6-digits PIN > Select your store name > See Inventory.

2.To Search Items:

There are 2 ways:
– Enter name of the product.
– Scan product barcode.

3.To Add or Edit an Item:

  1. Barcode – Product barcode.
  2. Item Name – Name of product.
  3. Adjust Price, Cost, Margin by enter the number in each box.
  4. On hand Quantity – Current Quantiy in Inventory (editable)
  5. On Sale – To put product on sale, enter Sale Price and select Sale Start day – Sale End
  6. As a master – Turn on to sell as a pack > Enter quantity of product per pack > Enter Master name.
  7. Price must be Entered – Turn on/ off manual enter price when checkout.
  8. Non Taxable – Turn on if this is a non-taxable product.
  9. SubDescription – Enter Description (if yes).
  10. Supplier:
    • To add a Supplier: Select name of supplier > Select +
    • To delete a Supplier: Edit > Select a supplier > Swipe from right to left > Delete
    • The first supplier in the list is the Primary Supplier.
  11. Category – Choose a group for product.
  12. SubCategory – Choose a second group for product.
  13. Discount Scheme:

To add a discount scheme: Select > Choose the Discount scheme.

To delete a discount scheme: Select trash can icon.

14. Not Discountable – Turn on if the product is not discountable.

15. Alias – secondary barcode that is associated to an item.

  • To add Alias Barcode: Edit > Scan barcode or enter number > Add

16. Label Type:

  • Basic – Only product information.
  • Display StoreName – Store name on top of the label.
  • Copies – Select quantity of label will print out.
  • TOP Margin and LEFT Margin – Adjust margin label.

17. Connect Printer IPMatching IP Address > Print

18. Select Update to save information