Set up your computer

  1. Set up the stand by inserting it into the slot on the back cover until it snaps into place.
  2. Connect the power cable.
  3. Press the power button below the screen.


Set up the keyboard and mouse.

NOTE: For setup instructions, see the documentation shipped with the keyboard and mouse.


Setting up your wireless mouse

  1. Installing the battery on your Mouse
  2. Locate the slot on the side of the mouse cover. Using your fingertip, pry open the mouse cover.
  3. Remove the USB dongle from its compartment.
  4. Install the AA battery into the battery compartment.
  5. Replace the mouse cover.
  6. Slide the power switch to turn on the mouse.
  7. Connect the Dell Universal USB dongle to the USB port on your computer.


Setting up your wireless keyboard

  1. Installing the Batteries on your keyboard
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Install the AA batteries into the battery compartment.
  4. Replace the battery cover.
  5. Slide the power switch to the right to turn on the keyboard.

NOTE: The distance between your computer and keyboard must be within ten meters of each other.


Setting up your printer

  1. Connect the power cable
  2. Connect one end of the WHITE cable lead to the printer and the other end to a marked port on your computer (There is a outer port marked by white label)
  3. Insert receipt paper.
  4. Turn on the printer.

Setting up your scanner

  1. Connect one end of the power USB cable to the scanner and the other end to an available USB port on your computer.