1. Create new user
  • Log in to Back office website https://swipesimple.com/sign_in
  • Reporting Dashboard > Users > Add new user > Enter email, full name, role and payment devices
  • User will receive a temporary password via email.


  1. Check transaction history

TIPS: Can also search by date range. Can export transactions in Excel file


  1. Check funding history


  1. Download the SwipeSimple app


  1. To find device serial number
  • Turn the card reader on using the power button on the side of the device
  • Before taking a transaction, the app will scan for available devices, to select your device should find the “Swift XXXX” number which matches your device’s serial number

(The XXXX number will match the last four digits of your reader’s serial number, which can be found on the back of the reader)


  1. To make a transaction
  • Log in to SwipeSimple app
  • Manual the total amount > Check out > Card > Select Reader > Choose your Swift_xxxx > Insert/ Swipe/ Tap card
  • After transaction completed, receipt can be email or manual print out from POS


*** To print receipt out from POS, PUREJOIN app > Menu > Settings > Credit Card Processing > EDC change to Stand Alone (After ring up transactions > Pay > Card > this will auto-print out the receipt)