All about POS – Point-of-sale:

All about IRD – Interactive Reward Display:

All about PUREJOIN Inventory & Labeling:


Merchant Information Form:

For Windows:

IRD 2 for Windows

IRD Manager for Windows

Inventory v2 for Windows

IRD 1 for Windows (old version)

For iOS Apple devices:

IRD app v.2 for iOS

PUREJOIN POS app v.2 for iOS

Inventory app for iOS


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POS Software

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Local Network.
  2. Look for PUREJOIN POS > Click the button to turn it to green.

If it’s still not working, continue to step 2.

  1. Make sure which register you are working on. You can see it from the bottom left of your sale screen.
  2. Go to Menu > Settings>General >Reset and choose Erase All Content and Savings.
  3. Once reset is completed, Go to Settings>Display & Brightness and choose Zoomed from View.
  4. Go to Settings>Bluetooth and touch TM-XXXX Printer and pair. Touch your scanner and pair.
  5. Go to App store and download Purejoin POS for Beauty.

Customer Reward

In PUREJOIN app, select red circle on top. Look up customer phone number then edit.

or: Once a customer checked in, the red, human’s upper-body shaped icon will show up on the top right corner of the display. Select it, then edit.

or: Go to Login with your email and PIN number. On menu toolbar, select “Customers”. Look up customer phone number then edit. Select phone number box to edit information.

Open PUREJOIN IRD App. Select setting symbol bottom right. Enter your password. Find IP Address box and note down the number.
Open PUREJOIN POS v2. Go to Setting. Match the Terminal IP Address. Save and re-login.

Back Office

Go to Login with your email and PIN number. On menu toolbar, select “Reports”. You will find all sales report here.

Go to Login with your email and PIN number. On menu toolbar, select “Cashiers”. “Add Cashier” upper right.

POS Hardware

Follow below instructions to re-connect your scanner:

1) Check iPad Bluetooth Settings. Settings > Bluetooth > Locate the device that name [DS2278_serial number]. Check the status that shows next to the device name. Not connected or Connected?

2) Unplug and Replug the scanner’s power.

3) Scan test please. If that still does not work, forget the scanner in Bluetooth settings. Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the Info icon (right side of the paired device) > Forget this device [DS2278_serial number]> confirm Forget device. Then, reconnect the device.

4) Scan test please. If that still does not work, unscrew the bottom of the scanner. Then, take out the battery and put it back in. Reconnect the device.

5) Scan test please. If that still does not work, reprogram the device by scan these barcodes click here to open scan barcodes

Follow below instructions to check if the scanner is connected to the correct register or to find the serial number of the scanner. Scanner may take a different bluetooth connection if you have 2 or more registers in-store.

1) Go to register 1, iPad Settings > Bluetooth > tap on the device name [DS2278_serial number] and see which scanner produces a beep sound. Scanner makes a beep sound whenever it’s connected to the new device.


1.To Sign-in:

Step 1: Download PUREJOIN INVENTORY from App Store.

Step 2: Sign in with your 6-digits PIN > Select your store name > See Inventory.

2.To Search Items:

There are 2 ways:
– Enter name of the product.
– Scan product barcode.

3.To Add or Edit an Item:

  1. Barcode – Product barcode.
  2. Item Name – Name of product.
  3. Adjust Price, Cost, Margin by enter the number in each box.
  4. On hand Quantity – Current Quantiy in Inventory (editable)
  5. On Sale – To put product on sale, enter Sale Price and select Sale Start day – Sale End
  6. As a master – Turn on to sell as a pack > Enter quantity of product per pack > Enter Master name.
  7. Price must be Entered – Turn on/ off manual enter price when checkout.
  8. Non Taxable – Turn on if this is a non-taxable product.
  9. SubDescription – Enter Description (if yes).
  10. Supplier:
    • To add a Supplier: Select name of supplier > Select +
    • To delete a Supplier: Edit > Select a supplier > Swipe from right to left > Delete
    • The first supplier in the list is the Primary Supplier.
  11. Category – Choose a group for product.
  12. SubCategory – Choose a second group for product.
  13. Discount Scheme:

To add a discount scheme: Select > Choose the Discount scheme.

To delete a discount scheme: Select trash can icon.

14. Not Discountable – Turn on if the product is not discountable.

15. Alias – secondary barcode that is associated to an item.

  • To add Alias Barcode: Edit > Scan barcode or enter number > Add

16. Label Type:

  • Basic – Only product information.
  • Display StoreName – Store name on top of the label.
  • Copies – Select quantity of label will print out.
  • TOP Margin and LEFT Margin – Adjust margin label.

17. Connect Printer IPMatching IP Address > Print

18. Select Update to save information

Credit Card Machine

Follow the instructions below to check a transaction on your PAX A35:

1) Open the TSYS Sierra application on your terminal.

2) Tap the icon on the top right corner of the screen.

3) Input the password today’s date (MM/DD/YYYY).

4) In the Settings menu, scroll down to locate “History” and tap.

5) The transactions history will be listed.

Follow the instructions below to fix the error message by manually updating firmware:

PAX S300

1) Restart the terminal by unplugging and replugging the power cord.

2) As soon as you replug the power cord press and hold the “F” key.

3) Look for the MON version (e.g. 3.37) and write it down.

4) Select “Menu” on the screen.

5) Select option 4 “Remote Download”.

6) Select option 1 “New Download”.

7) Select option 1 “TCP” and enter > Press enter. (To input “.” hit button “1” and then the “Alpha” key five times)

8) Under “Remote Port” input 8582 and press enter.

9) Under “Enable DHCP” select option 1 “Yes”.

10) Under “Terminal ID” there are 2 cases:

Case 1: If the MON version is 3.19 or below:

a) Use TID 30030013 and press enter.
This will update the firmware from version 3.19 to 3.37. After it updates to 3.37 you will need to update the firmware two more times.

b) Once you update to version 3.37 repeat the steps above, but once you reach “Terminal ID” input 30030012 and press enter.
Repeat the steps above again and once you reach “Terminal ID” input 30030098 for the final firmware update.

Case 2: Under “Terminal ID” if the MON version is 3.37.

a) Use TID 30030012 and press enter.
You will need to update the firmware only one more time after the download is complete.

b) Once the firmware updates, repeat the steps above and once you reach “Terminal ID” input 30030098 for the final firmware update.

1. Go to PAX terminal and tap Main Menu Host Settings > Host Register > Clear Register

2. Reboot – This will download latest parameters from BroadPOS

3. Confirm the Datawire ID has been obtained on the PAX terminal:

  • Main Menu> Host Settings > Host Register > Self Register
  • If the Self Register button is available, please select this option. That means the DID still needs to be captured on that PAX terminal